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In May of 2013, We have signed an agreement with Finland DigiEcoCity Co, Ltd, a national-level window company of Finland on the technical area of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, on the execution to the cooperative framework on jointly promoting the national-level pilot projects between Finland and China In terms of adapting the Integrated Solution by combining the Digital one with the Ecological one.

  During the construction of the DigiEcoCity, we have conclude a
series of measurement indicators which constitutes a system to make sure on the one hand, having an reasonable space layout as well as the industrial distribution; on the other hand, creating the balance between working and living by optimizing the diversity of life styles and living spaces and emphasizing the principles of energy-saving, efficiency improving and environmentally friendly by utilizing more smart construction design and green construction materials.

  The Real-Estate Business Section is consist of 3 companies, respectively, Beijing Aulim Sunny Real-estate Development Co,Ltd | Hebei Aulim Real-estate Development Co,Ltd | Lutai Economic Development Zone Real-estate Co, Ltd.

  Having the experience of linkage development for the first-level and secondary–level land with a total land reserve of 3 million square meters, concerning the construction and development of small city, security housing, commercial residential building, industrial park etc. additionally ,we are very good at integrating industrial and technical resources to build up the high-tech industrial park, especially on the area of ecological and environment protection.

  As a successful case, Aulim Sunny in Lutai yields not only the economical benefits but also the effect of social welfare owing to resolving the problems of rural dilapidated housing rehabilitation and demolition.

  Achieving the Dream of Beautiful China by Building the Model for Chinese Smart-Ecological City