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  •      Official Backup AIC is a the key chapter of the National Industry Alliance of Smart City Technology  Innovation (NIASCTI)that is supervised by the MOHURD and being supported and Cooperated with the MOST and NDRC respectively. AIC is also authorized by MOHURD  to act as the mentor and adviser to the building of 202 pilot smart cities.

  •      On a Mission AIC serves as the Deputy-Chair of the NIASCTI by which we are authorized as the Initiator & Organizer in establishing the Alliance of Industry and City to play a strategic role in promoting and advancing the interaction between the Industries and Cities. of which, including but not limited to setting up the national criteria for building the Smart City, building-up the platform to attract the resources of  Financing /Technology /Intelligence.

  •      Operating Mechanism During the Process of the on-going Chinese Urbanization, AIC aims to build a open platform on which the existing and potential needs and demands on the area of industrial development and employment from the 202 pilot smart cities could be well integrated with the industrial and technical advantages coming from not only domestic but  overseas as well. To the provider, AIC is the value discoverer and deal maker