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  Aging of population has been an inevitable realistic problem for Chinese society. From the specific demographic perspectives, we highly recognize the importance of senior-caring housing property development and make an effort to build an Ecological friendly residential project since the infrastructural planning stage of which the industries related to seniors caring and consuming are considered to being aggregated as a cluster.
  In order to push further forward the industrialization of senior-caring cause by means of finance innovation, we initiate to issue pension trust and senior charitable trust according to the needs from senior-caring related industrial development.
  Under the guidance of the national aging committee and in alliance with China international senior industrial development group and China international senior-caring cause development funds, we have been working on raise the capital needed for the development of industries of senior-caring and philanthropy. included:
Senior Charitable Trust By integrating the senior nursing institutions from domestic and overseas with the innovation mechanism of policy-based finance from National Development Bank and National Social Security Funds(NSSF), we are considering initiate an international cooperative  smart senior-caring charitable trust investment funds in Shanghai Free Trade Zone or Shenzhen Qianhai Special Zone.
  Senior Caring PE Bond initiating to issue one type of PE bond with the DRC from Wenzhou, Tangshan and other related city in the name of senior caring that is combined senior health-caring services with housing guarantee program for shantytowns transformation.
  Long-term Healthcare Insurance We are planning take Qingdao as the first pilot city to launch out one type of long-term healthcare insurance and other relevant financial products by combining the social insurance funds and commercial pension insurance.